Declaration of 3 July 2021

An annual day of remembrance by the Indian followers of Lord Jesus Christ, to celebrate His person and message that has been in India since 52 AD.

Decade of Celebration 

A decade-long celebration (2021-2030), leading to the 2000th anniversary of the earthly ministry of Lord Jesus Christ, who traveled, taught and ministered from 30 – 33 AD.

Vision Statement

To celebrate the person and message of Lord Jesus Christ that was brought to India in AD 52 by St. Thomas the Apostle, while preserving our identity within the Indian cultural heritage and promoting unity in India.

Significance of 3rd July 2021

July 3rd, is the traditionally accepted martyrdom day of Apostle St. Thomas, Apostle of India, disciple of Lord Jesus Christ, who arrived in India in 52 AD and was martyred in Chennai in 72 AD.

A Day of Celebration and Remembrance

Cultural Programs

With traditional songs, music, dances, cultural events, food, sweets & festivities

Love and Kindness

Feeding programs, health camps, literacy events, social development & outreach.

Celebrate Impact

In fields of education, healthcare, literacy, women rights, social development.

Join the Movement

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